Trustly FAQ


What is Trustly?

Trustly is a modern digital payment method that is an alternative to your bank card. With the existing funds in any of your bank accounts, Trustly enables you to instantly and conveniently make purchases in a highly secure manner. Not only that, you also get instant refunds if you’ve paid with Trustly. Not to be confused with a money transfer app or digital wallet, Trustly is integrated with your bank and it only takes a few taps of a button to authorise a transaction. See more below.


How do I use Trustly?


In which countries is Trustly available?

Trustly is currently available to West Ham customers in the United Kingdom, Austria, Denmark, Estonia, Germany, Finland, Latvia, Lithuania, Netherlands, Norway, Spain and Sweden. You are able to change the country and language within the Trustly checkout journey if required.


Does Trustly offer support?

Yes, please refer to Trustly’s support page by clicking here.


How do I know if it’s safe to use Trustly?

Trustly is an official partner of West Ham United United Football Club and is safely used by millions of consumers across the globe. Trustly also uses the highest encryption standard available in addition to your bank’s security system.


Is my data being stored?

With Trustly you’ll be able to save your account for an even faster payment experience next time.

However, no one will be able to make a payment without strong authentication (e.g. fingerprint or facial recognition) and you can remove your saved account any time. Read more on our data privacy policy.


Which licenses does Trustly hold?

Trustly is a licensed Payment Institution under the second payment services directive (PSD2). It operates under the supervision of the Swedish Financial Supervisory Authority in Europe. In the US, it is state-regulated as required to serve its target markets. Read more at